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Meet the Owner & Founder

I’m Tiffany Verot, Founder and Owner of The Memory Quilt Company.  Mom to two wonderful grown-up kids, fitness fanatic, horse and animal lover with salt water in my veins.  I have been sewing, making art and quilting since I was a kid myself!!    

I enjoy getting to know my clients as individuals and often results in lasting friendships.  I’m so excited to work with you and turn your shirts and clothing into your very own memory quilt. 


Additional Quilt Information

Quilt Styles: 
Mosaic style:  This style is the most popular. It allows more design freedom with your shirts and items.  The shirts are cut at a variety of sizes and pieced together in columns.  This is the more economical choice and allows more pieces to be used in the design. 


This is a more traditional style creating a “grid-like” or uniformed look to your quilt.  All pieces are cut to the same size and fabric “sashing”  is added between each piece and between the columns.  This style works best if you have only a few shirts and your shirts have similar colors and designs. 

We use 100% cotton batting and cotton quilting fabrics; washable. 
All quilts are quilted using a professional longarm quilting machine. 
We strive to be environmentally cautious, recycle and use green products and companies when possible. 



  • T-Shirt Quilt vs. T-shirt Blanket: 

At The Memory Quilt Company, we make T-shirt Quilts. A quilt consists of 3 layers, where as a blanket only has 2 layers; the top and bottom sewn together and not made for comfort and durability. 

  • 3 Layers of a Quilt: 

Top Quilt Layer— This layer is made up of all the t-shirts and materials you have provided, including the 100% quilters cotton border fabric we provide. The shirts are stabilized using 100% cotton interfacing for softness and lifetime stability. 

Middle Quilt Layer— The batting or “cotton” layer is here. We use and 80/20 unbleached cotton/poly blend. 

Bottom Quilt Layer—this is the “back”of your quilt. We use 100% quilters cotton fabrics for softness and durability. 

These layers are then quilted together using our HQ Professional Long Arm quilting machine using a variety of stitching techniques. Once the quilt is quilted it is then bound with 100% quilters cotton fabric that finishes your quilts for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

  • How long will it take for my quilt to be done? 

We typically have quilts completed within three weeks of final design approval. Christmas and graduation seasons may take a little longer. Please let us know if you have a set date you will need your quilt by. Rush delivery is available for an additional cost. 

  • What parts of the shirts will be used? 

We can use fronts, backs, pockets, pocket logo/design and sleeves of your shirts. Please specify with a note using (painters or masking tape) attached to the areas/parts you would like us to use. 

  • How do I prepare my shirts? 

Please wash and dry your shirts (even the brand new ones). Leave your shirts intact, pre-cut shirts may limit the design options of your quilt. 

Use masking or painters tape to make notes on shirts (ie: “front only”, “front & back”, “use sleeve,/pocket” etc.) 

Remember, stains on shirts may show up in the quilt design if the stains are near the graphics we are using..this isn’t a bad thing, it just means that shirt had a good life and many memories. 

  • I don’t live near your location, can I mail them to you? 

Absolutely. Your items can be prepared and shipped to us. Return shipping fees apply, please see pricing on order form. 

  • How many shirts do I need? 

20-30 will make a large lap quilt of about 52 x 68″.  9 or more for a small lap quilt. There are ways we can get creative if we have too few or too many. Contact us to find out what works best. Our order form has more information here: ORDER FORM.

  • Will you respond if I email or call you?  

Of course!  Email your questions and I will be glad to respond.  We can talk if you’d rather. Find info on our CONTACT page.

  • Do you just sew around the border of the shirts?  

No, we quilt with a long arm sewing machine.  You can have your choice of an all over, circle design or meandering.

  • What do you do with the binding?  

The binding is a separate strip of fabric that covers all the edges so batting and raw edges don’t show.  It completes the quilt and whatever color you choose frames the front of your quilt.  We cut strips of cotton fabric and machine sew the binding around all four sides.  You can have the same color as the backing or an accent color. 

  • Where are you? 

We are located in the Southern suburbs of Houston, Texas.

  • Have another question? 

Please reach out to us on our CONTACT page.

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