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What is The Memory Quilt Company?

We make T-Shirt Quilts that are a fun "cut-to-fit design" quilted carefully to preserve your T-Shirt memories forever. Our designs allow you to get more T-shirts in your quilt!

The Memory Quilt Company uses your t-shirts to create a fun design and quilt it all together!

(Learn more about the PROCESS.)

Then like Magic.....You have a moment in time captured for forever.

Our team has 10+ years in professional quilting specializing in T-Shirt Quilts. We hold the highest of standards in customer service, quality materials and detailed planning to build a quilt for you that will surprise and impress!

T-Shirt Quilts capture special memories like these and many more:
High School Years  |   Favorite Sports Teams  |  Dance or Cheer Groups
College Graduates  |  Running or Race Shirts  |  Race Car Fans  |  Scouting  |  Motor-cycling  

Sorority or Fraternity Years  |  Corporate or Profession  |  Hobbies
Auctions & Fundraisers  |  In Memory  |  Collectors  | Vacations

Now we offer MORE than Quilts
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